The Sky is the Limit

Each of the packages below offer:

  • E-mail Newsletter Creation

  • Document Editing

  • Social Media Content Creation & Management

  • Business Planning

  • Website content creation & update

  • Simple Website structure changes

  • Simple business stationary

  • System Mapping & Improvements

  • Event Planning

  • On-Site Event Coordination*

  • Travel Arrangements

  • Calendar Maintenance

  • Client Facing Messages via e-mail

  • Software Sourcing & Set-Up

  • Customer Facing Messages

  • Blog/Article Content Creation

  • Subject Matter and/or Market Research

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Video Editing (Minor)

  • Bookkeeping Recommendation

  • And more!

*If we have to drive more than an hour or fly to your event, additional costs apply.

Here are just a few ways in which we can help:

*If we have to drive more than an hour or fly to your event, additional costs apply.

Successful Work Team


Best for new or small business.  Includes all options above and is for those who need a little flexible help each month.

(Annual Contract $1,250/mon)


Modern Business Woman


Take your business to the next level, this is for you.  All options above for those who need something daily.

(Annual Contract $1,848/mon)


Woman in Suit


YOU are the executive of your business. Includes all options above and we don't worry about things like time or OT.

(Annual Contract $2,598/mon)


MLM or Just Starting Out?

We can help within your budget.


Best for people who are overwhelmed with the paperwork of their new MLM or who struggle with unexpected administrative tasks of owning a small business.

(Annual Contract $300/mon)



Level-up your support. Double your support each month with a team to keep pace with your growth.

(Annual Contract $700/mon)


Need something else?

We can help you get past your pain points.

Ad men reviewing contract


  • 1-hour consultation

  • Two 30-minute follow-up discussions

  • Competition & local market review

  • Classification & definition of target audience

  • Social channel review

  • One (1) managed social media campaign 

  • Logo refreshed

  • Summary report of analysis


Contemporary Boardroom


  • 2-hour consultation

  • Two 1-hour follow-up discussions

  • 6-hours of research & analysis

  • 2 logo design variants

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Challenges & Opportunities Identification

  • Audience identification

  • Competition & local market review

  • Detailed report of findings & recommendations


Other Services

Can You
Hear Me Now?
  • Initial 30-minute consultation call

  • Write social post content (up to 30 posts)

  • Schedule said posts

  • Direct Message Response for one social

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Monthly Report on Analytics

Can We Talk?
  • One-hour consultation call

  • Social Media Analysis vs Business

  • Social Media Plan

  • 1 Choice of Social Banner 

  • Facebook Business Page Setup/ LinkedIN Group & Hashtag Research

  • Social Scheduling Tool Setup

Facebook Live Video Tidy
  • Clean start/finish to video (up to 15 min.) 

  • Branded title/end cards (provided by client)

  • Minor Light & Audio leveling

  • Upload to YouTube or Vimeo

  • Turnaround time 2 business days

  • BONUS: Title card design $200

  • ADD-ON:  Additional 15 mins $100 

Resell Video
  • Splice up to 6 videos into 1/Edit 1 into a 30 min. video

  • Branded title/end cards

  • Mid-Level Light/Audio adjustments

  • 1 Universal Filter

  • Up to 2 changes

  • Upload to YouTube or Vimeo of up to 30 minute video

  Add'l base videos inc'l $50ea.  

  Title card design $200

  Final Video >30 minutes $100

  Additional Names/Title $25 ea.

5 or 12 ep/month
  • Maximum RAW editing up to 1 hour/episode

  • Adding intro, outro and/or sponsored messages (provided by client)

  • Noise reduction

  • Volume levelling

  • Artwork Upload

  • 2-Day Turnaround

  • Word for Word Transcription

  • Show Notes

  • Splice up to 3 videos/Edit 1 into a 10 min. video

  • Branded title/end cards

  • Minor Light & Audio leveling

  • Your Name & Professional Designation/Title

  • Up to 1 change

  • Upload of up to 10 minute video

  Add'l base videos inc'l $50ea.  

  Title card design $200

  Final Video >30 minutes $100

  Additional Names/Title $25 ea.