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Today is going to be a GO! GO! GO! kind of day

It's always the way isn't it?  Your alarm goes off and you wake with the determination to accomplish all while not forcing yourself to rush.  But the dog won't come in after being let out and the cat has to be fed and your lunch still needs to be made and .. and... and....

"There is more to life than increasing its speed." - Ghandi

Technology has made the instant feedback/delivery a part of our every day lives and that means we feel compelled to do everything in our lives better and also faster.  Faster is not synonymous with better - actually, faster can make things worse and not better.  Doing everything faster means you lose focus and you start missing details to meet the time deadline (instead of meeting the quality deadline).

Celebrity Nutritionist Kimberly Snyder says it right: “Our society puts too much emphasis on constant ‘doing’, without recognizing that in the recharging space you can come back to work, duties and relationships in a more productive, enhanced way. Whether you are a mom, a college kid or trying to make your way in the corporate, art, (fill in the blank) world, you may come to a time when you just push and push and push and then leave yourself stressed out and incapable of being the best you can be.”

Stress and rushing through your life can cause elevated levels of cortisol and adrenaline hormones; which can cause your body adrenal exhaustion and/or an overall hormonal imbalance that can lead down a merry path to diagnoses such as depression, weight gain, insulin resistance (stress has a direct impact on your blood sugar levels), chronic fatigue and fertility issues.  Never mind the increase in spending money for anti-aging products because "Hello wrinkles!"

What are the benefits to slowing down and taking a bit more time to do things?  Let's discuss:

  1. Better focus.

  2. Deeper focus.

  3. Better appreciation.

  4. Enjoyment. 

  5. Less stress. 

Better/Deeper focus means that you no longer miss those little tiny details that make all the difference to your children/family or client.  Better appreciation leaves you able to accept love, time, etc.  Enjoyment means having an experience; like savoring strawberries freshly picked from the field or clean, fresh linens on the bed.  And less stress, who doesn't want fewer ulcers?  All of these combined mean time for you to make commitments and time for yourself.

Take the time for a hobby or a play date with your kids.  I bet your office notices that you're happier and more productive.

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