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NEW TREND: Visual Resumes

Recently, I came across a discussion article from The Undercover Recruiter (on LinkedIN) on creating a visual resume or CV. Specifically, they were looking at online tools to create the resumes. The three they looked at were, Visualize Me and ResumUP.

It sounded really quite interesting and I think that it's a great evolution to our current resume/CV styles.  It is certainly much easier to read or take the information in.  We tried those three and our notes are below. We also looked at Kukook and Creddle.  Now, don’t mistake their intent - there’s money to be spent on all of these services.

Example of a Visual Resume
  1. was interesting. The graphic resume it generates looks fabulous. However, to get access to all of the components of a graphical resume, it costs money. You have to purchase a minimum 6-month subscription at $6/month to get access to all of the designs; ability to create multiple resumes; download to PDF (or Google Docs); VisualCV watermark removed; tracking and a personalized document. It sounds like a decent deal and it does come in at $72 for the year.

  2. Creddle. Creddle has the most flexibility with 8 templates for you to choose from and fully customizable per your preferences (I chose hot pink as my main colour) but for the fancier, more infographic-style templates, you will have to pay. Of all of them, Creddle was among the easiest to use and I was able to download a final copy without any Creddle corporate branding on it and did not pay a fee.

  3. Kukook. Kukook was easy to use and all of their templates appear to be set up so that you download them and manipulate/populate them in Word locally on your computer. Once you purchase a template, it’s yours apparently. Cost of the templates is $3.99 to $12.99 per template.

  4. Visualize Me is really easy to use. However, I found the actual user interface a little glitch or sticky. It would say it saved information but then wouldn’t update it until I refreshed the page, which is a little old school and clunky (and sometimes it wouldn’t save the information so the change was lost). Visualize Me is free but if you want to print or download it, you have to sign up for a third-party service which has a subscription rate of either $15/month or $150/year. On the free service, besides no downloading, you also have to work with limited options and your final content being branded by Visualize Me.

  5. ResumUP was my favorite by far to use of the paid subscription sites. It was easy to use. It had options you could use and validly produce a design with on their free subscription. ResumUP has a two tier subscription: 1 template for $15/month (or discounted to $54/year) or everything on the site for $20/month (or discounted to $72/year).

Honestly? I think overall that I could probably come up with a version of my own resume without using their tools as anything more than a reference. But then that’s what we do, isn’t it? *smile*

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