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Focus on you - not them

Do you ever have one of those days where it seems like everything is being done to you, at you or to spite you? How do we all recover from those days? What's the best way to not let those days, people or things get to you?

The easiest step of all to recognize is one of the hardest because it requires giving up the spotlight. Not everything that happens during the day at your office is about you and you really should stop taking things personally. You'll spend less time in breakdowns or stuck if you can separate the "thing" from the "emotion." You have to remember that just because something impacts your job does not mean it was done so intentionally. Just because Jane didn't speak to you nicely or was abrupt does not mean that Jane is mad at your or hates you. Leave the emotional response out and you are left with Jane speaking to you. The actions of others speak to them and their character. Stop wasting your time worrying about them, focus on yourself.

But what about the "What if..." moments? If you're feeling let down by your job, maybe you should stop daydreaming or fantasizing about what it could be and instead embrace what it actually is and involves. Good or bad, having a realistic idea of your job and work environment puts you in a better position to respond in a timely, sensible fashion.

With bad things flowing downward, it's not the time for you to play the blame game. Take responsibility for a project, task or mistake. Own all aspects of it and know what is your responsibility and what is not. Even if you can't control every single aspect of the item, you know that you, and you alone, are responsible for your work and your responses. Being able to do this means knowing when to tell your superior of a problem and when to fix it - your communication, responsiveness and effectiveness will increase.

Adapt and/or let go of old processes and grudges. If you're trying to move forward in your role or career, constantly looking backward is not going to help you at all. Focus on what is happening today and where you can help.

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