Melina Nacos

Ever wonder what it’s like to reach your full potential? Me neither.... until I met Sarah and her team at CVAP.  Within 6 months of using her services, I’ve landed 2 big contracts, have a monthly membership base and a mailing list. Was I on my way to being more successful - perhaps. But, having someone put your ideas into action, follow up on emails you were avoiding and create proposals, pitches, email campaigns, etc... made the possibility of my success a reality.

She’s smart, funny, well spoken, writes well and truly wants you to reach your potential. I’m not sure what I did without her, to be honest. You’ll feel the same once she joins your team.

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Cindy Ashton

Sarah is brilliant. She is so much more than a virtual assistant. I consider her to be a business manager in that she doesn't need me to hold her hand with every task. She is able to see both the overview and the details of my company and get things done --- and because she is so smart, she often sees things I miss and does them automatically. I feel completely taken care of so I am free to focus on delivering my talks and serving my clients. I don't know what I would do without here. She is the best! Hire her.

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Current & Past Clients

Connie Fraser

Sarah and her team really took the time to understand my business and my brand. When posts are sent out, they truly are my vision. Having her in my life means that I can play to my strengths - helping people, not designing graphics.

A social media presence is paramount, even when the bulk of my business actually happens at your kitchen table.

CVAPros understands that business owners need to spend their time where their gifts are.

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Rakhee Chopra

Managing my business was easy. But with social media, website management and website development I was lost. Sarah used her passion and her tremendously brilliant experience to make my social media and website shine. I highly recommend Sarah. She is still my #1 go to for all my VA needs.

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