Everyone has a genius or brilliance that makes them shine.  Is office management or administration yours?  Probably not.  But it is ours and we love it!  We know that at some point you have struggled to edit a document, prepare a presentation or needed help to respond to your clients.  You could be the only person in your office or you just need someone to fill in until your new assistant arrives.  We can save your time, money and sanity.

We can help you get organized, track expenses, prepare marketing materials, help run social media campaigns, respond to calls or e-mails and so much more!  At CVAP, we handle the minutiae of day-to-day office life and let you focus on building your brand and customer base.  We provide all of the trappings of traditional and online business support with the bonus of the executive-level support that assists with business and project management.

Our team has diverse experiences, allowing us to provide unparalleled flexibility and support for our clients.  Our core team each have over twenty years experience in our chosen specialties,.  Our unique combination of skill sets and knowledge allow us to take boost your business to the next level.  Find out more below:

Sarah Luth
Founder and Principal

Sarah has spent more than twenty-one years supporting executives and C-suite team members in various fields including legal, telecommunications and healthcare.  As our number one go-to for troubleshooting, formatting, process mapping and more, Sarah is the start for all of the magic we bring to your business.

Nancy Sabo

Nancy wields her magic in the field of marketing.  She has spent over twenty years providing customer support, service and advice for businesses looking to do mass mailings, pop up/under advertisements and more.  Having recently completed a certification course, Nancy is also our SEO guru.

Andrew Brown
Marketing Director

Andrew (more commonly known as Drew) hails from the U.S. and is a family man in the best traditions of Dads.  As a graduate of West Virginia University’s MSc (Integrated Marketing Communications), Drew brings his zest for life and discovering the outside of the box to the team.  He lives for the creative and the challenge and ruthlessly indulges in his quest to make the world a better place.

Renee Killbreath
Administrative Pro

Being a little different has paid off for Renee. Not content to be defined by society and as the better half to Darcy, Renee has 10 years administrative experience in the medical field. From drafting memos to payroll, she has seen and done it all. In addition, Renee recently received her Medical Transcription Certificate (with honours). As the second, seasoned administrative team member at CVAP, she bring her endless energy, enthusiasm and combines that with her love of shoes and money to support our clients in achieving their dreams.

Ryan Bryan
Small Biz / Visual Arts

Ryan has been a small business owner for 20 years and has built two different business from the ground up.  Ryan understands what it takes to go from unknown to world-class.  Moreover, he will bring his experience, knowledge and dedication to your business - putting you on the map and helping you achieve your goals.

Kathy Franklin
Social Media

Kathy, brings management, loss prevention and human resources skills to your business.  Kathy has on- and off-boarded staff; in addition to the design and implementation of employee training programs.  She is also familiar with Ontario/Canada Employer requirements when it comes to health, safety and training.

Sharon Gauthier
Graphic Design

Sharon is our newest team member and brings a variety of skills to yours. She has several years of experience managing social media, providing translations (Sharon is fluent in both English and French), coding websites, and her main claim to fame : creating graphics and illustrations. Add Sharon to your team, and her drive and flexibility will be invaluable assets.

Sharon est notre nouveau membre d'équipe et apporte une variété de compétences à la vôtre. Elle a plusieurs années d'expérience dans la gestion de médias sociaux, la traduction (Sharon parle couramment l'anglais et le français), la codification de sites Web et sa principale notoriété: la création de graphiques et d'illustrations. Ajoutez Sharon à votre équipe, son dynamisme et sa flexibilité seront des atouts précieux.

Darcy Killbreath

Darcy creates and schedules the images in CVAP's social feed.  He's also Sarah's right-hand person when it comes to team administration and split-testing for training modules.  Darcy is highly technical and is our internal go-to person for software issues.  

Why You Will Love Us

We are confident that we are the best at what we do.

Here are some reasons why:

  • We take the time to find out what you need.

  • We always deliver the best in Quality, Affordability and Communication.

  • Our experience allows us to tailor our efforts and provide you with support to suit you best.

  • We firmly believe that caffeine needs to be either weaponized or a claimable health expense.

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